Anonda Bell


Anonda Bell is an Australian born, NY/NJ based artist and curator. Trained as a painter and printmaker she works primarily with paper based installation. Her work addresses themes of feminism, the environment, psychology, and a quest to seek social narratives and stories about individuals which have been overlooked or suppressed. She is the Director & Chief Curator of the Paul Robeson Galleries at Rutgers University – Newark.

Bell’s work engages with notions of the human psychology, the motivations, desires and innate qualities of the human mind. The work is interdisciplinary, referencing such things as psychology, history, anthropology, and science. Bell draws attention to aspects of the social, political and cultural landscape which sometimes are overlooked due to their ubiquity, or because they are deemed to be unimportant. She is fascinated by the idea of ‘discovering’ versions of life and history which are underneath the surface; that exist parallel to the mainstream. In the past she has used scant information to create fanciful, imagined histories of people, places and things. Bell likes the idea of celebrating the incidental, and provoking curiosity. Her work is concerned with the construction of knowledge and identity, and she creates relationships between her own experiences and public histories.

Selected Works