Antoinette Ellis-Williams


Ellis-Williams is a Jamaican born artist. Her creative process is based on the idea of layering, recycling, reimagining, and mixing methods. Mixed media abstract collaging is at the heart of the process. She is constantly searching beneath layers for hidden messages and light. In some of her work she combines original work (acrylic and watercolor paintings, silk batik, digital photos, and drawings) with print and digital images. Her work explores the layers of her identity—blackness, girl/womanhood, mother, wife, and immigrant—in the context of popular culture, power, politics, religion/faith, history, music, social movements and socioeconomics. The work is a commentary on the textured lives of marginalized people. 

Her work is a way of unpacking rage, pain, contradictions, beauty, agency and joy constantly trying to understand the complex history and narrative of blackness in the United States and black the diaspora. Social justice is a theme. The images invite the viewer to consider the ongoing effects of racism, sexism, homophobia, environmental injustice and xenophobia on humanity. She hopes to trigger conversations that help to transform communities, heal, empower and heal people.


Selected Works