“I challenge you to re-think what a stencil is and how the simple art of cut paper can be taken to a new level…”

“I now challenge you to re-imagine nostalgic childhood memories of superheroes who will now communicate with modern idioms.”

Originally born in rural Portugal, Commodore’s family emigrated to the urban metro of Newark, NJ at an early age where he aimed to understand how to use all the possible mediums available.

Then came the age of digital. Commodore spent the first two public decades of the internet learning how to master the digital arts. His work earned him two Webby Awards, a list of digital awards, and accolades for his creations in digital graphic design. Even though the new digital ecosphere offered him new challenges, Commodore longed to return more ‘traditional arts’.

Commodore started to notice the wild colors decorating various urban cities and delved into the studying the art of Graffiti subculture. What particularly caught his attention were pieces created with the use of stencils. He quickly delved into the art of papercutting, as stencil art required more time in preparation before application. He soon realized certain limitations in the current methods of stencil-making and aimed to break beyond them.

This self journey has led him to create a newer format of stencil creation. This allows him to produce more vibrant stencils that are not limited by the paper medium they start from. His method allowed him to easily transport new works to various cities, where he leaves a little example of his work hidden within the urban walls of various metros.

Commodore currently resides in the ‘Brick City’. His latest art-journey has led him to combine modern idioms with classical pre-80s comic art in a variation of the works of Roy Lichtenstein.

Selected Works