Danielle Bowman-Carriere


Louisiana Artist, Danielle Bowman-Carriere was born and raised in the unique and culturally rich city of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Her appreciation for Cajun culture, in addition to her love of Louisiana, is evident in the way she captures it on canvas and on paper. Danielle, at a young age, loved to doodle. Every birthday was an opportunity for her to ask for more art presents. As a young adult, she realized that she was not only good at drawing and painting but loved doing it. With no formal training, she realized that her talent was a “Gift from God” and made up in her mind that she was going to utilize it in every way possible. She loves to teach and inspire creativity to all who will listen. Since beginning her professional career, Danielle has been commissioned to produce original artworks. She has done several art pieces that is now residing all over the world ranging from Haiti to Brazil and to Canada. Working with all mediums has been her passion from the start, but bright-colored and textured acrylics on canvas are her favorite way to take a creative idea and make it a reality. Being a portrait artist is another title that Danielle wears. She has always been intrigued by capturing the expressions and emotions that show on people’s faces. Nowadays Danielle now resides in New Jersey. She hopes that she can grow as an artist as well as inspire others to pursue their talents and dreams for their lives. She is currently working on an exhibit to be held in New Orleans, Louisiana, and hopefully other locations within the near future.

Selected Works