Eirini Linardaki


Eirini Linardaki was born in Athens and studied at Limerick L.I.T., Ireland, Berlin and Marseille. She lived in France for more than twenty years. Now she spends her time between the island of Crete and developing projects in the public sphere in Paris, New York and Newark.

She has exhibited at the Boijmans Museum, Rotterdam, Stegi, Onassis Cultural center Athens, House of Cyprus in Greece, Salon de Montrouge, Fri-Art Kunsthalle, Fribourg; Natural History Museum, Geneva, Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Hamburg Kunsthaus, Rutgers University, NJ, Institut Français d’Athènes, John Jay College, Anya and Andrew Shiva gallery, Lower East Side Girls Club, NYC, Radiator Gallery, NYC, Clemente Soto Vélez Cultural and Educational Center, NYC.

In January 2020 she was one of the curators of the Night of Ideas and Philosophy, for the French Institute of Greece. In February 2020 she organized and curated a «residency in the workplace» and exhibition program “Occupy # 1, New York” in collaboration with the Consulate General of Greece in New York and the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the USA, where artists were invited to work within the offices and in collaboration with administrative staff of the Consulate and create art through dialogue with them.

“At this time of historic global crisis, art is helping and serving people in their communities. I believe that right now in history art is keeping pace with social change. Sometimes persistent social issues knock on our door and enter our dreams, becoming a defining aspect of a useful artistic vision. I experience this through my research, my practice and my overall journey as an artist. The complexity and persistent presence of the issues I face in various cities and communities become part of my artwork, expressed through materials found and generated by the ambitions of the participants.

Selected Works