Justin Francesco


Justin Francesco is a mixed-media artist based out of Project For Empty Space in Newark, New Jersey. The focus of his work is the human condition in relation to its surroundings and how humans exist in a society that is not created to supplement the spirit. Francesco’s work draws from everyday life and is particularly influenced by the transmission of energies amongst those living in such a downtrodden environment. His work utilizes a variety of media from spray paint to acrylic paint and even collage and assemblage of trash to signify a principle of “No-Waste”. Francesco works to evoke sentiments that may lead to an awakened populace that is truly aware of what is good and bad for the human spirit. He does this through his twisted and heavily detailed paintings, drawings, and sculptures that poke fun at Pop Culture, societal norms, capitalism and any other machinations designed to keep people from realizing their inner truths.

Selected Works