Kay Reese


An award-winning visual artist/photographer, and curator, Reese is the great, great, granddaughter of a formally enslaved Georgia woman freed from a Georgia plantation in the Great Emancipation. Reese’s active practice uses abstract visual language in narratives that explore socially relevant issues of identity, race, power, and other social constructs. Her visual language uses photographs, objects, collaged digital, and mixed media strategies to explore, challenge and deconstruct social belief systems created as the norm. Her practice employs experimental, innovative photographic techniques enabling the juxtaposition of often contradictory relationships to re-construct perceptions that question and reveal more humane truths. Formerly from the Bronx, NY she currently resides and practices in New Jersey. Her work is in private collections throughout the U.S. Reese is the current Artist-in-Residence in Rutger’s University’s Paul Robeson Gallery

Selected Works