Marylou & Jerome Bongiorno


Marylou & Jerome Bongiorno are Emmy-nominated, award winning, social justice, husband-and-wife filmmakers, who document their home city of Newark, NJ.

The Bongiornos create fiction, documentary, and museum installation art films that are widely distributed in theaters, on national PBS and television, in museums, galleries, cultural venues, schools, and public spaces, worldwide.

Their 3Rs Trilogy of acclaimed documentaries on Newark – REVOLUTION ’67, THE RULE, and RUST – include extensive animation and music created by Jerome Bongiorno.

Their NEW WORK: CITY SYMPHONIES IN 3D museum commissions include works for the Newark Museum and the Staten Island Museum and presentations for the Museum of the City of NY that have also been exhibited in Newark Liberty International Airport, the Brooklyn Navy Yard, and Newark Penn Station.

Marylou is an alumna of NYU’s Graduate Film School. She and Jerome lecture and offer Master Classes in Film, widely.

Selected Works