Patricia Cazorla & Nancy Saleme


Nancy Saleme and Patricia Cazorla are a Latinx collaborative, aunt and niece, collaborative artist duo.

We decided to blend our visions about ten years ago. We create, along with our studio work, public art projects that vary from 2D, 3D, and ground murals to sculptures and installations. Our work is inspired by the working-class immigrant community, where we see ourselves reflected and affected by their hardships. We firmly believe that art can widen perspectives and educate communities. Our primary goal is to create work that is accessible and empowering for all.

Conveying joy and beauty are integral components of our art. The most essential and characteristic element in our work is the use of color. The colors we use are always specific to each project. We view the artwork as a source of light.

We have been awarded public art commissions by museums and not-for-profit organizations to create community-engaged programming. In all our projects, we first research the history of the site and introduce ourselves to the community. We aim to bring a sense of ownership to the people involved. Every piece of public art we make has been with the community and for the community. It is our small way to give back to the universe.

There is a natural synergy between Nancy and I that goes beyond family ties. Sometimes we share the same aesthetics, and sometimes our aesthetics complement each other, which makes our art unique and powerful.

Since we started our collaboration work, something genuinely magic happened. We found a way to understand the depth of humanity. As a consequence, our art is growing together with ourselves as human beings inhabiting this planet.

Selected Works