Red is an international artist and philosopher from Newark, NJ. Red’s artworks typically convey results of phenomenological research, including themes such as beauty, love, sex, police terrorism, liberation, triumph, and enlightenment. Red has created bodies of works in acrylic, oil, gouache, clay sculpture, pencil drawings, pen drawings, spoken word, photography, and videography that speak to these themes. Much of his work is open to interpretation as he encourages viewers to actualize their inner kujichagulia – their power-to-define. One of his most recent projects has been the Stimulus Package Tour which involved him driving from New Jersey to California and back while painting on street medians from city-to-city along the way. Red painted live in 40 cities across the US and Mexico, culminating the project in his hometown, Newark, NJ, where he set the world record for the longest time spent painting live on canvas at 24 hours. Red practices daily to refine his craftsmanship and continues to study through observation, introspection, and hands-on experiences that nourish and cultivate his phenomenology. You can learn more about him, his philosophy, and his art at

Selected Works