Yvette Molina


Yvette Molina is a multidisciplinary artist whose art includes processional banners, performance, ritual, storytelling, costume making, action figures, comics, collage, and painting. Central to all her work are the interdependent themes of justice and love. Her visual language incorporates motifs and studies from world mythologies, sacred symbols, evolutionary biology, cosmology, current events, and personal history. In past projects, she focused on complex earth systems and the symbiotic relationships among plants. More recently, she examines our innate human drives towards discovery, meaning-making, and belonging.

Current projects include New Pantheon, a series of reimagined gods born to confront rising tides of nationalism, inequity, and environmental collapse. Big Bang Votive is an interactive installation where participants are invited to share a personal story of love or delight. Yvette memorializes each story with a votive painting on a starry backdrop to create a constellation of our combined joy and love. This ongoing project comprises over 350 paintings at present.

Yvette has exhibited across the US and internationally at venues such as the Stockholm Fringe Festival, the American Embassies in Uruguay and Latvia, the Visual Art Center of New Jersey, Project for Empty Space, Arsenal Contemporary, NADA Art Fair, Johansson Projects, and the Legion of Honor and de Young Museums of California as an AIR awardee. Other residency fellowships include the Edward F. Albee Foundation, Vermont Studio Center, Jentel Foundation, UC Berkeley Worth Ryder Gallery, and No Boundaries Colony on Bald Head Island.

Born in Kansas City, Yvette’s undergraduate education includes the Institute of Art and Design, Norfolk, England and Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Angers, France. In 2014, she undertook the study of traditional egg tempera painting, gilding, and orthodox icon techniques from Byzantine to New Coptic, and Russian Prosopone.


Selected Works