Artist-Run Spaces: Conversations Across The Atlantic

Artist and co-founding director of Pallas Projects/Studios, Mark Cullen, addresses the audience while Bellaran moderates. 

Participants included Jessamyn Fiore (former director Thisisnotashop, Dublin), Liz Nielsen & Carolina Wheat (Swimming Pool Project Space, Chicago, and Elijah Wheat Showroom, New York), Max Warsh (Regina Rex, New York), Mark Cullen & Gavin Murphy (Pallas Projects/Studios and Artist-Run Europe), Miranda Driscoll (former director The Joinery, Dublin/Sirius Arts Centre), Lee Welch (Basic Space/former director FOUR, Dublin), Clive Murphy (former co-director Catalyst Arts, Belfast), Maud Cotter (Founder member, National Sculpture Factory, Cork)

  • Angel Bellaran
  • 2016
  • Dublin, Ireland
  • Curatorial
  • Curatorial Documentation
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