Big Bang Votive (Installation detail)

Big Bang Votive is an ongoing, communal storytelling project and painting installation that grows over time. Participants are invited to share tales of love or delight that Yvette will subsequently render as votive icons on a cosmic backdrop.

This project has a simple thesis: The act of sharing stories that focus upon love and delight will in fact create a world more rich with love and delight. The point is not to turn away from the many and very real challenges facing humanity, but remaining connected to love and joy is the necessary way through those challenges.

  • Yvette Molina
  • 2020
  • On exhibition at the Visual Art Center of New Jersey through January 2021.
  • Installation, Painting
  • Installation of over 300 egg tempera paintings on panel.
  • N/A
  • Variable
  • Etienne Frossard