Eating Patterns

Plastic food package designs are often beautiful: lattice-work for salad, smooth surfaces and beaded edges for cakes, undulating ribbing or bullseye relief on cake and muffin lids. Much of our food is packaged so beautifully that we may not think about the source, ingredients or production of it. Many foods are processed with addictive and unhealthy ingredients such as sugar, flour and preservatives, while we battle cancers and obesity caused by such additives. Cast in concrete and refrigerator glass, Eating Patterns creates a mosaic of familiar patterns. Placed on the floor, the confrontation with it is physically like stumbling onto an archaeological dig, a drain or a grave. It demands that you contemplate the empty space between you and the sculpture, the space between you, and your body, its consumption or fulfillment and the impact on our bodies and the environment. The custom concrete mix used is light weight.

  • Donna Conklin King
  • 2018
  • Artist’s studio
  • Sculpture
  • Concrete, refrigerator glass
  • N/A
  • 9’ x 7’ (variable)
  • N/A