Of the Same Root

Jaz Graf, 2019 - Ongoing

I converse with monks at Buddhist temples, collect their worn sacred robes, and transform it into paper. I incorporate plant fibers and remnants of everyday life, merging meaningful symbolic residuum with sacred material. Installations of these sculptural paper layers represent ancestral embodiment of/in the land, enunciate an inherited interconnection.

  • Jaz Graf
  • 2019 - Ongoing
  • Currently on exhibit at Paul Robeson Galleries, Newark, NJ
  • Installation (Detail), Mixed Media
  • (Strata) Handmade paper made from worn sacred robe cloth of Buddhist monastics, Thai mulberry, abaca, flax, with various inclusions: Hudson Estuary sediment, ash, dried mint from Pa’s garden, artist's recycled prints, jasmine green tea, pine needles, (base-*optional) clay, bone ash, turmeric, safflower powder
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  • Variable - customized to space ranging from 8-30 ft long
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