Jaz Graf, 2019

Made of folded pages, a signature, is an anatomical part of a book. Here, no text is present, there are no discernible pictures. The inconsistencies in sheet formation, the folds, rips and creases of each page perform a body language. It is the pure form and gesture of the earthen material to be read, which echo signs of human touch, having a memory of its own. Similar to the human body, they are represented as bone and skin, each unique, yet disembodied expressions of an imagined totality, reverberating themes of familial longing and belonging.

  • Jaz Graf
  • 2019
  • Currently on exhibit at Paul Robeson Galleries, Newark, NJ
  • Installation, Mixed Media
  • Porcelain, handmade Thai Mulberry Washi Paper formed in the Nagashizuki traditional style, thread
  • N/A
  • Dimensions Variable, 21 Pieces (each approx. 9” x 13” x 3”)
  • N/A