“The Camera I Always Wanted”

“The Plume House of Prayer Series,” 2019, is Shine’s newly published edition of books referencing a historic site in Newark, NJ. The books published in this series vibrate with the various histories and nature of this site, including the intersection of American independence, slavery, gender, church, state, Newark’s role in the history of photography, obsolescence, and hope.” – Shine “The Camera I Always Wanted” is an exploration of girlhood, emptiness, and healing through the camera as a vessel.

  • Colleen Gutwein O’Neal
  • 2019
  • Thomas J. Watson Memorial Library Metropolitan Museum of Art, Newark Public Library Special Collections
  • Curatorial, Print
  • Risograph Print
  • Edition of 100 Individual isbn: 978-0-9864181-9-8, Edition of 100 Plume House Series isbn: 978-1-7333061-2-6
  • 10 x 10 in
  • Anthony Alvarez