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June 24, 2020

Created in 1993 to further FCA’s mission to encourage, sponsor, and promote work of a contemporary, experimental nature.

Emergency Grants provide urgent funding for visual and performing artists who:

– Have sudden, unanticipated opportunities to present their work to the public when there is insufficient time to seek other sources of funding

– Incur unexpected or unbudgeted expenses for projects close to completion with committed exhibition or performance dates.

Emergency Grants is the only active, multi-disciplinary program that offers immediate assistance of this kind to artists living and working anywhere in the United States, for projects occurring in the U.S. and abroad.



– Applicants must be living in the United States or U.S. territories and have a U.S. Tax ID Number (SSN, EIN, ITIN, or other)
– Applicants must have committed performance or exhibition opportunities, and be able to provide specific dates at the time of application.
– Applicants must be individual artists, or an individual representing an artist collective, ensemble, or group. *Curators, producers, workshop organizers, organizations, or arts presenters are not eligible to apply.
– Applicants may not reapply for a project for which they have previously been denied funding.
– To confirm that your application meets program guidelines, please review their Emergency Grants F.A.Q.s.

December 13, 2021