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January 25, 2023

An open call for participation in the public arts project Raised Flags in the Forest Hill section of Newark, NJ, was sent out by visual artists Eirini Linardaki and Melanie Levick-Parkin. Applicants will be interviewed by Linardaki and Levick-Parkin and a fabric patterned design will be created out of each participant’s own experiences, environment and stories. This will lead to a public art display in Fall 2023, created by artists and participants from the Newark’s Forest Hill area community.

DEADLINE: March 15, 2023


If you would like to participate and make your story visible through a piece of art in your neighborhood, please contact Eirini and Melanie via email:

The project is supported by Project for Empty Space via Newark Artist Accelerator Grant. This year’s fund is made possible by the generous support of The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts Regional Regranting Program and The New Jersey Arts and Culture Renewal Fund.

This project will create a temporary public art display, co-created by artistic researchers and participants from the Newark’s Forest Hill area community.

These interactions will surface personal and family heritage narratives through informal interviews and ethnographic methods, supported by diachronic reflections on local heritage and history, in order to co-produce visual narratives meaningful to the participants, community, and location. This will then inform the design of textile flags that re-contextualize, represent, and make visible the community’s multi-faceted belongings in an expressive and inclusive way.



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